HomeUnique achievement: Film director N Mandal name recorded in Influencer Book of World RecordsPRUnique achievement: Film director N Mandal name recorded in Influencer Book of World Records

Unique achievement: Film director N Mandal name recorded in Influencer Book of World Records

Unique Achievement: Young film editor, director and producer N Mandal registered his name in Influencer’s Book of World Records First world record of 2023. N Mandal is the most well-known name in the arena of filmmaking and entrepreneurship from India. His innovative initiatives have won him accolades all around.

His lifelong passion for filmmaking has made him initiate Shivaay Productions and Sincine Film Festival, where youngsters are given a platform to showcase their skillset.

Known for film direction as well as social activities across India, he has contributed significantly to the society, nation and humanity through his services and influence on various projects including regional films and Indian television serials.

N Mandal said, ‘Filmmaking is the essence of everything. No matter what the situation is, I never give up and keep doing my work with full honesty, if you do your work with full sincerity then you will definitely get success.

 “God built the universe, and human life too needs to be portrayed in an aesthetic manner”. He believes in classical knowledge of filmmaking that can have a positive impact on society in general.

N Mandal believes that in a society where education and art will be widespread, incidents of violence and social imbalance will decrease and gradually end. we need to bridge the best from the past and present for a brighter future. His vision is to dispel the misinformation and myths surrounding this discipline and bring forth a more empirical and ‘experiential knowledge’ validated by investigation in the domain of filmmaking.

Talking about his interests in filmmaking, Mr. N Mandal said, “My mission is to assist people in planning their life and to provide solutions to all kinds of problems with the help of my expertise. I have been practising it for close to 15 years now. I derive immense satisfaction when I see my knowledge in filmmaking benefitting my friends, relatives, acquaintances, and clients.”

N Mandal said that my small documentary film is the Lok Astha ka Mahaparv Chhath, which is one minute and ten seconds, scripting, shooting, editing was done within Seven hours and it was also uploaded on YouTube, some footage was taken from the internet. My friend Ashok Ashq, who is a writer, had a huge contribution.

N Mandal has found a place in the Influencer Book of World Records for his efforts to send good messages of world peace and humanity through several short films and documentaries on Indian cultural customs. N Mandal gives the credit of this achievement to his parents, brothers, friends and his wife Bhagwan Dai Devi.

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